❤ Romantic Party ! Yay! Get ready for party tonight



We Love parties :wine_glass: :beers: . What if about romantic parties :wink: :heart:, where you are free to seduce any one you want . You can experience all about in this game.

Disclaimer : I bet for weak :heart:, can you play this game without falling in love. ?

We have a task in this party though, that is to seduce guys around you and make them to fall in love with out getting caught before the interest timer runs out.

Ahemmm… Lots of people around you. Do not get caught while seducing this can be embarrassing. :worried:

Most important is do not let his partner catch you. For every mistake you will lose a :heart:. If you lose all three, none will be interested in you.

For each successful seduction you can own a guy.

But do not stop here :wink:, Seduce another guy with out loosing first guy’s interest on you. Simultaneously seduce all to get a load of followers. :laughing:

My self i love this game. How do you feel about this, let me know in comments section.


Nice review :grinning:. Like this topic


ohh i like it =3


I like both of you, @SAFING_inc and @Annumamatha! :slight_smile: :+1:


love it


I do not love it cause girl are tricking boys




It is just only a game


For weak hearts, read disclaimer in the game :wink:


yes but i like you! :slight_smile:


Love this game :heart:


hey Sadiq how are you


Fine and u :slightly_smiling_face:




I like it​:boom::ok_hand:t3:


Hola S.R Safing_inc

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