Role playing games-Questions


Since I have been trying to develop this roguelike for a while. Currently we have just completely restarted.

Our main step right now is Pitch

So here’s the question
Also it doesn’t have to relate to what the game should be

What do you think should be in a Role Playing Game and how you think it would bring lots of players into it?


Shadowwelite7, I Think You Should Make A Game Like Geo Land RPG :smiley:


Don’t know what that is and it didn’t answer my question


The original idea was a mix of
Dwarf fortress

But the new idea may look similar to this game
Ada game (go check it out on Kickstarter)

Not going to link any games because it’s in the rules


What ever your making,
Make It Quick xD Cause I wanna play it xD


Making a game takes a long time. I first started this project since last November and the only thing I got done was
Switch to Godot from the Doryen library
Perspective layout of the game


Ok, here’s the question that I needed to post

I’m making a game and need a pitch idea. what have you always wanted to see in a single player 2d rpg


I would always like to see a life role play game


Lol, I actually played one tbh


Make A Real life 2d RPG Simulation Game Maybe :roll_eyes:


but make it like a first player role play life game though :thinking:


it would be cool i guess :neutral_face:


It’s more like a mix of scify, fantasy and modern


Just make a simulator. Make one like Mom simulator! simulators are fun, it can let people see and do things they cant always do! And they still rp.:grinning:




Simulators are fine but making them is very hard. Take a look at Dwarf fortress. That game was made in 2003 and 1.0 will come out in 2030.


ummm now that i think about…they do take a while…:thinking:




Right now the concept has changed to an RPG Style Arena similar to Risk of Rain

1 large arena (Dungeon Based) consisting rooms with their own difficulty


How about a game that fits the need of players like if they play the game they fell good playing it sorry for ids code.