Paragon World


how, or can i change my character’s hair after started?
cuz i picked the one that i want but it shows not the one as i picked.
and i saw other players, all with the same hair so…
i wonder if it’s a bug.

although there may be minor bug and it’s kinda boring to me but,
i art is somewhat nice~~~
and mobile friendly~~

i love it^^


can’t really say it’s boring to me…
cuz it do interesting!!!

its like, im sad that i can’t support:neutral_face:


wait how to use spell on mobile???


hello !
well, for spell on mobile, you can tap on a creature or hold your finger in any tile of the screen.

for your hair color, it’s something different.
you can chose at start between a boy or girl.
not the hair color.

now, maybe you chose a girl and other player you see have chose a boy (or the other way around)

if it’s bothering you that mutch, you can write me here exactly the name of your character and i can manually update it from girl to male or the other way around.


I love the new update -the tabs poppin’ up on the corner when you make actions and quest progress- but the private chat is broken!! I need it!
Fix it Q.
And hunt down the cheaters :imp:


Ok seem private chat isn’t broken.
But odd is:

  1. cap sensitive
  2. the chat does not works with my PG Dummy, maybe because Dummy is a forbidden word, if you say “dummy” in chat it will be dispayed as *****, I hope this can be fixed, I really hope, I hope so much because “hope” is yet a forbidden word!! XD