Paragon World


how, or can i change my character’s hair after started?
cuz i picked the one that i want but it shows not the one as i picked.
and i saw other players, all with the same hair so…
i wonder if it’s a bug.

although there may be minor bug and it’s kinda boring to me but,
i art is somewhat nice~~~
and mobile friendly~~

i love it^^


can’t really say it’s boring to me…
cuz it do interesting!!!

its like, im sad that i can’t support:neutral_face:


wait how to use spell on mobile???


hello !
well, for spell on mobile, you can tap on a creature or hold your finger in any tile of the screen.

for your hair color, it’s something different.
you can chose at start between a boy or girl.
not the hair color.

now, maybe you chose a girl and other player you see have chose a boy (or the other way around)

if it’s bothering you that mutch, you can write me here exactly the name of your character and i can manually update it from girl to male or the other way around.


I love the new update -the tabs poppin’ up on the corner when you make actions and quest progress- but the private chat is broken!! I need it!
Fix it Q.
And hunt down the cheaters :imp:


Ok seem private chat isn’t broken.
But odd is:

  1. cap sensitive
  2. the chat does not works with my PG Dummy, maybe because Dummy is a forbidden word, if you say “dummy” in chat it will be dispayed as *****, I hope this can be fixed, I really hope, I hope so much because “hope” is yet a forbidden word!! XD


I found 3 of 4 keys in chapter 1 and 11 of 12 keys in chapter 4 .But completed all achievments both chapter.Who can tell me where is the rest keys please???


hello i found a glitch here the preist quest i blew up the the hidden wall and when i get their there was no chest. I have remorted once and im not sure if it is because i didnt complete all the quests or what please respond i neeed to know


Thailand found 3 out 4 keys in Chap 1 because the last is the Princess’ room key you get at the end of the game, And 11 out of 12 on Forgotten Glades because one is optional and you didn’t search so well…(yes I have it).


There are some bugs showing up, the chest containing the ring on stage 1 (like Ruin said) isn’t spawing, tested with new account on different devices, neither the chest with armor in the house on stage 1 (the one in the house). Not blocking bugs but you can never complete “Demolition man” achievement. On profile tab I never see dispayed the armor other player are wearing, always just shirt. Oh many, many player duplication glitch, so many.
Edit: After few hours offline the ring and armor bug are fixed. Maybe was server iussue and was rebooted.


@Enomis what do you mean not blocking bugs?


Golden coin bug is back. No golden coin in the cave.


It’s a bug which let’s you complete the game aniway. Today I got in and the situation is got worse. Now you can’t complete the game. (walls can’t be destroyed). Asked for a rebbot, maybe it works.


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Welcome to the multiplayer online fantasy realm of Paragon World. This medieval role-playing game will take you to the city of Edelon where its powerful king died, and the princess run away from the castle. You were given the task by the Queen to retrieve the runaway princess and take her back to the castle. In your quest, you’ll discover different worlds and encounter a lot of enemies. As you go along your mission you’ll be able to unlock achievements that will handsomely reward you with items and crystals that will help you survive. Take some side tasks to earn and will give you extra experience. With high experience you’ll be able to level up, making you stronger and more invulnerable against powerful enemies. From the forest to the depts of hell, you’ll be fighting against animals, bandits, monsters and demons! This game will definitely be worth your gaming time. You can also interact with lots of players from all around the world. If you wanted to earn more crystals to buy some item that you’ll need in the quest. You can try to fight against other players in Player versus Player area which is near the castle gates. Play this game now and dive into this fantasy, action-adventure realm of the Paragon World!

That’s impossible to become leader


@Quagan The wall behind the priest wont blow up even after using a bomb ):