Paragon World




Welcome to the multiplayer online fantasy realm of Paragon World. This medieval role-playing game will take you to the city of Edelon where its powerful king died, and the princess run away from the castle. You were given the task by the Queen to retrieve the runaway princess and take her back to the castle. In your quest, you’ll discover different worlds and encounter a lot of enemies. As you go along your mission you’ll be able to unlock achievements that will handsomely reward you with items and crystals that will help you survive. Take some side tasks to earn and will give you extra experience. With high experience you’ll be able to level up, making you stronger and more invulnerable against powerful enemies. From the forest to the depts of hell, you’ll be fighting against animals, bandits, monsters and demons! This game will definitely be worth your gaming time. You can also interact with lots of players from all around the world. If you wanted to earn more crystals to buy some item that you’ll need in the quest. You can try to fight against other players in Player versus Player area which is near the castle gates. Play this game now and dive into this fantasy, action-adventure realm of the Paragon World!


I am the first fellower?i found a crash when i talk to vender.everytime i try to do it,i can’t move anymore,but telport.


what’s the purpose of this game?


I am Japanese
Gold coins are not available
I want you to fix it as soon as possible


hey what?


Yo! Purpose of the game? Save the princess I guess…maybe it’s not so original, but hey worked for years!
Coin not avaiable? Not really there’s a bug on Lake of Sand location, maybe other locations, so when you move at some point monsters does not show up more, what locks you out is nothing will show up, so the quest items, (such the golden coin and keys) and neither if you bomb a cracked wall it will open. So I’m stuck for soo much time…and I really don’t know how pepople is making tons and tons of exp, I tested the game from Chrome and Firefox from PC -same bug-; then from Chrome and Samnsung browser from mobile -same bug-; tested with two account…same bug. Well was fun till it lasted.


I am Vietnamese
Gold coins are not available ( At map land of sand)
I want you to fix it as soon as possible
I have waited too long for 5 months . I hope it will be ok soon


can someone tell me about this gold coins?


Hello Guys, we are woking on the problem.
the wall don’t explose all the time, so we’ll fix it.

in the mean time, if you can give me your player name in the game, i can manually give you the coin.


Golden coin bug is fixed.


@Quagan remember me at paragon war?:relieved::rofl: im the first player play with you and follow you at the last flame armor but i just get necklace diamond…this is my new acc!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this is so funny lol my acc lost ahahah…i hope you not be arrogant with me, let`s be friend :grin:


is this game online or off?


its online


what do you mean by " my acc lost " ?
because in fact, we did a reset so players could have a fresh start on the leaderboard.


my old acc is hazz


game sucks


add bows back and new gauntlet armors plz? also fix dwarven kingdom bomb instant spawning for farming i mean next to the mines 1 locked door with levers theres 2 bombs that im talking about.
thanks for the game x2 also enjoyed crusade (paragon crusade)


sorry but what are those green walls in DV , LOS? I MEAN Death Valley , Lake Of Sand


Cursed images!