Orion Sandbox Enhanced


Hello! My name is Sebastian and i’m a player of your game Orion Sandbox Enhanced , Until today I was playing on Y8.com but I decided to buy it on steam. Is there a way to recover my data?


Try messaging @Ankit


he didnt answer


Don’t worry, he will be soon. :slight_smile:


I can help you.




Indeed. I’ll tell you why this happened.


I worked a lot on that game




Yes.I bought it from Steam for performance


if now i play orion sandbox enhanced in browser i have my data


but in steam i dont have it. I don’t want to start the game from 0


my data is saved in my y8 account


this is in browser


Okay, so the steam budget has run out of money, if it is possible, remove data in your browser, don’t forget to contact the Steam Support.

Another solution is, when you emptied a lot of budgets, you might need to wait for your credit card to get more money (budgets). If that doesn’t work, maybe that the transaction is incorrect.


because he might have block you if you PM him so you won’t be notified




this is in steam


Well @Teo2, he is busy working on other stuff, sometimes.