Only roblox players

Use to play alot but got kinda of boring, stopped last year. Have they added anything new?

Toxic players,but i like the game


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Not just toxic players, slenders and cnp’s, online daters, people are hating people just because of their style (for example softies) and a lot of bacon haters. And in Mm2, there are a lot of teamers :C

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Can’t be more toxic than @teo2 he’s killing this forum and driving away good members.

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You really hate him, don’t you?

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yep he’s ruining the site.
There were so many cool people here, That were nice and fin to talk.
But now they are leaving because of HIM! And Y8 doesn’t care.
I’ve seen bans and suspensions of accounts for less.

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Maybe you should report him or something? Contact the workers of Y8 or do something if it’s that bad? I’ve seen him type some rude things, but that depends on the person. Maybe he’s a just a jerk? I’ve never talked to him though, so I’m not sure. I’m not on anybody’s side, as I don’t know how he acts.

Tell me what do you mean

I play it

guys friend me username:jacob_lilppo we will raid tommorow 6pm

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buur omg it you really


I am not friending people I do not know

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XD! omg thats actually kinda mean but very reasonable

I strongly think that this discussion should be closed since there’s not a bit of anything interesting on Roblox. It’s filled with boasting kids and results in head aches. Try Minecraft instead, would recommend.

I didn’t understand a quarter of that babble.

seriously?!?! roblox is WAY more popular then fortnite

[quote=“Reda5000, post:39, topic:46627”]

Maybe, but both games are bad in their own ways that in result make them (The sixth word of the sentence)

Y8 Games