Online bullying


online bullying is getting big now and on this forum i am getting bullied i am not saying there names but you probably know who you are.

stop online bullying people on here are only kids and they don’t want to get bullied espically at this time

some people have been going through hard time like a family death or someone is ill and they don’t want to have bullying going on as well

please stop




:sweat_drops:mine too i got bully and they bully me for 2 YEARS but they stop i dont know why and we become friends like omg they are my friends now yey!


You’re right @charli_d-amelio Online Bullying is wrong and I’m sorry you got bullied I hope I haven’t done anything to be mean to you or anyone
Users, Online bullying is a nationwide problem and it needs to…
we are all human and all have feelings so this crime needs to stop.




hello @charli_d-amelio

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