Not Secure


The operation system of my computer is Ubuntu and I am using the browser Chrome. When I go to the game “The King of the Tower” it shows me a black screen and it says “Your connection to this site is not secure”. What do I need to do?

Thanks for your time.


isn’t ubuntu or linux usually Open Sourced. Could it be possible that the version of linux you are using contains a virus or something unstable?

Just asking because I main in windows


I also tried to use the game on WIndows 10 but it did the same thing.


@eddie @Ankit

Any idea what could cause this?

@ani70 also could u please check on some other browser like Firefox and tell me do u have the same issue?


I tried accessing the game from Firefox and it had no result. I also tried accessing the game from another pc connected to a different network, yet again I was not able to play. Can you access the game from your computer? Thank you for the suggestion.


what about opera or edge


I emailed the developer ShineZone. As we don’t control that code directly, we have to wait for them to respond.


All the players have the same problem with me?
I’ve sent a message to the support site before 3 days.
Wouldn’t they say me this thing at the first place?
Thank you for your time.