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Hello Everyone,

We have decided to disclose our plans a bit to everyone waiting for a while

First Step:

WebGL Port:As we all knows FFT have stopped working on google chrome and don’t even work on new browser Edge, even Firefox going to stop supporting unity webplayer version later this year or maybe early next year so we are working to port the game to new platform “WebGL” and it will work on every browser without a need to install any plugin any more :slight_smile:

Second Step

Deal with hackers: After we finish porting the game and it’ll start working on every browser we will deal with the hackers and create a advance system but one good point is WebGL would be hard to hack :slight_smile:

Third Step

Read every suggestion and improve the game

Edit: If your account have been glitched please check this thread


Awesome because I haven’t been able to play this game for 4-5 months because I only have a chromebook which only supports Chrome Browser.



Note : Unity Webgl port is harder than for most of other games due to the use of uLink which isn’t offering any unity webgl support : Our best devs are focusing on switching to Photon. This will definitely revive the game when done!


Good luck!^^
Can’t wait!


Sounds good, can’t wait. Just wondering, how many developers do you guys have?


We have many on internal games but actually only 2 full time on FFT unity webgl port if it’s your question. We could also focus our 3D team on new maps and focus more ressources over time, we bet on this game here.


Sounds cool.
@Ankit, for step 3 you might want to check out the suggestion thread that was on the kongregate forum. Here it is:
It’s got 62 pages of suggestions if you want to go through them and have the time ._.


thanks, we will look into it.


Maybe a good thread to advertise our YouTube channels about fft? I might get back into YouTube when WebGL comes out. Looks like FFT will have a bright future after all. Thx Ankit and devs.


Hey guys. I’m just gonna copy&paste what I sent rja earlier.

I’m excited to see that they’ve got plans to update the game in the future, especially getting rid of the hackers. I do hope they’ll put out a rebalance (honestly, at the time I’d rather fight a hacker than a Tank), but I doubt they know enough of the gameplay to know what to change. I also wonder how fast they expect to update the game or make changes.

I probably won’t be checking this forum, so if there are any important updates, I’d appreciate it if someone would let me know.


Thats all been answered if you would read, but since I am nice ;D I will answer you.
I have taken the biggest stance and given the main ideas on Tank rebalancing(whether they will listen to my ideas are not are up for debate)
Ankit wants to skype Ryan and some other key players so that they can talk about the game, where it is and i suppose Ryan will also talk about the jargon (language) we use when talking about the game.
They want to update the game to WebGL from a unity game by the end of the year and roll out the first update all in 2016, but they do not know exactly how long it will take, so it might roll over into 2017.


Maybe tell him on Kong, cuz he said he won’t be on this forum that much.


If he wants the answer then he will come to where he asked the question in the first place. Simple logic.


Not if he’s too busy to check every week. It doesn’t take much longer than a few minutes to let someone know that an update came or something.


Also doesnt take to long to load up into the game and see a difference or talk to someone he knows in-game if there was an update. If he has no intentions on playing the game then he can take that time to check the forums, preferably the developer active one.


I don’t see a problem with him asking for someone to let him know if the game gets updated.


Yea that is kind of why i answered him. Wheres the problem?


Oh ok, I misunderstood what you meant.