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I normally dont like to interfere in between but I want to clear the reason behind adding the price, we cant push ads on steam version and Servers cost us money and the price wont be 5 usd if we was planning to make good money out of the game, we only port to steam to make players happy and if it can make 30 percent of user base happy we can take it any day.

and I really think 5 usd is a super tiny price for a lifetime with ad free experience but only if someone like the game as it is :wink:


You know when you sitting on different corner things are really different and we cant run behind few players and leave those millions of new players but it doesnt mean we dont care about those few, its just we cant make them happy and we accepted the fact :wink: but still we would love if they come back.

and to be honest when we bought FFT we really thought we can make everyone happy but things did not move as we expected and we are still pretty sure that FFT have a bright future. I know our progress is slow but steady keeping the game alive in the transition phase is a big achievement for us technology wise. We know as a player you dont care about it and we understand it but we are also limited with backend support from the software and cant do any magic.

and again I dont want FFT to be compared with any other game because we are in different position than many other publishers/developers which cant be compared.


@pointlessfield I agree with about 95% things u said. Except the grind simple because there is no many things to grind (rank, cash, only 9 classes) and in my opinion upgrading system should have a complete rework. It is too costly for 5% change which is in reality 50sec cd on tanks bubble becomes 48 when fully upgrared and means nothing. Player pays way too much for almost zero change and newbies tends to think they will become dps gods if they upgrade the class, assuming that higher rank/veteran is getting nice kdr because of upgrades alone. Other than that, FFT legit has the cheapest boosters from I could see compared to the other f2p/p2p games. For 30 days of booster price is normally 10-15$, while FFT is on 2$. Now, if u really love FFT and want it to keep going, spend 200h+ per month in it, 2$ to support it and get stuff u want double faster is more than a good deal.

Ppl should also think twice before saying something and comparing FFT to LoL is just a facepalm. LoL is still (after so many years) #1 MOBA game with really good market. I told this to FRG 2015 or 2016 (comment is still on kong) how f2p games can’t work without strong market. Read as: every month new skins that are buyable only with money OR loot box system which is massive cash grab. If we want to go a bit in ‘extreme’, skins can have special effects and sold for 30+ $. For ppl who have 500+ hours in FFT, it’s honestly lame to complain how 5$ is ‘too much’. U go outside in cafe and order juice and coffee, u pay 3-5$ and leave a tip. Even if game is f2p servers still have a cost and they are not free as the game is. FFT could be f2p on steam only if it has 100x better market and that again requires time, effort and money.

This is simple from perspective of an ex FFT player. to bring me back as player (considering I’m not even working on it anymore so I could go back as player only), it will need new classes,maps and an actual content.

Ppl didn’t quit only because of how unhappy they were with it’s state in the past 1,5 year, because when Y8 took over there was barely any veteran left. They simple grow up, moved to another games, started uni/work, hacker era made many ppl leave/quit and that is normal in any game. Blaming one factor for incorrect statement how it’s pure Y8 guilt they left is really lame. So without spreaking false info, thanks. I am not happy with it’s state and in the past 2 years when I finally had a decent PC to run other games, I moved to them. Ppl who play it now reason mostly is nostalic feeling they get from it and to be fair I found it more enjoyable compared to the lets say TF2 or Overwatch. But that’s just me, Ow is far better made that stands, with strong market and company that can go with really expensive promotions and using their other games to promote newer ones.
Ppl play shooters mostly because of competitive mode, while FFT never had that ranked/comp system. Just because we (veterans) treated normal matches with friends that tends to be fun and competitive like that, doesn’t mean everyone will. In fact, many won’t.

And f2p games go usually with fish-dolphin-whale concept. For ppl who dunno what this means - fish stands for 100% free to play player (the ones who never spent money on it), dolphin stands for players who spent money (here and there, not some abnormal amount of $) and whales are simple group of ppl who spends a lot of money on the game monthly (between 200-1k$). So whales alone can fund the game, alone can pay server costs and game will earn a lot on them. FFT never had dolphins and whales. Players at the best spent 10-50$ in 5 YEARS and that might be 3% of total player base.

For ppl who don’t believe it, here is something:

Spent on 100% f2p game that doesn’t even have loot box system. In a bit less than 1,5 year. And every time I see game gets updated and keep pushing forward, I never regret supporting it. Fun fact - most of the player base pays here and there to support the game/company/devs and as thanks from devs side, they keep the player base happy. U can’t have one thing without another.


That’s pretty false. Around when Y8 took over there were less pros then we had before, but we still had many pros around. All the tiny docks and big rooms were ALWAYS full and we always stucks together. Most vets continued to play through the hacker phase because we were still having fun and we found ways to join full rooms to avoid hackers.

EVERYONE quit after webgl was published. The game was extremely horrible at that point. Sure we had no hackers, but the game was laggy af. I couldn’t snipe, couldn’t aim properly, couldn’t focus, and couldn’t even walk around the map. Everything was jittery and laggy. This is when everyone quit including me, my friends, and other veterans. So yeah, I understand that webgl stopped the hackers but webgl and Y8 is still the reason why many people quit whether you believe it or not lol…

The first small group of players quit during the FRG phase because of lack of updates. But everyone quit because of Webgl


U tend too often to talk in EVERYONE’S name while in fact it’s not the truth. If they feel like it or think like that, they are free to leave opinion here. U are not supposed to talk in anyone’s name.
Who quit? Forum trashposters who barely reached Gen rank in all these years and knew the way they talked on kong forum can’t be used here?
Some ppl did left, that stands, but u can’t know WHAT EXACTLY is the reason why left. Maybe PC died. Maybe their PC can’t run FFT considering not so many had ok ping even in web player and not so many got a solid PC. Maybe they busy with private life.

When Y8 took over, hacker era was still around about which they had no information. And in that period MOST of ppl quit.

I do agree that Webgl is horrible. So, here u go, switch to Steam then. Considering that Webgl can’t be improved from Y8 devs side, it’s not something up to them, alternative is Steam.

The main difference here is how I was there during hacker era (almost every day), after Y8 took over and almost this entire time (not currently). So I do know very well who is around, I do know exact names, I do know who is newer high rank and who is an old player and I do know that same ppl who says they quit plays behind a low ranked/guest account.


I’m not speaking for others lmao. I’m speaking from experience of me being cool with everyone and then telling me they quit because FFT was bad at that point lmao. Around the time people were quitting, I was in contact with FFT players through discord, Kong pms, and Everyone agreed that the game was unplayable and we left because of it. The only people that continued to play through that lag were one again random guest accounts. All the rooms had no action, just random players walking around the base shooting the sky. [quote=“Dea83, post:352, topic:2060”]
I do agree that Webgl is horrible. So, here u go, switch to Steam then. Considering that Webgl can’t be improved from Y8 devs side, it’s not something up to them, alternative is Steam.

Why would I switch to steam? I’m not paying $5 for a game that has no updates or nothing new. People are telling me that hackers are back. All my friends quit, I’m not playing with guest account players. I played FFT for like 5 years without any big updates. The only decent updates were when they added shocker, blaster, Assassin, and blazer. Why would I go back to a game just to see the same old stuff I’ve been seeing for 5+ years? None of the recommendations that old mods and I told Y8 was never added or considered. Like adding a friends list back. They’re so many little things that Y8 can do to make FFT better, but FFT is so outdated. I’m not paying $5 for a game that’s not updated, when the games I play have minor updates every few weeks and major updates every few months.

When they start adding new features, new maps, and new classes then I’ll consider coming back.

I tried playing the game for a minutes and I looked around. There is only new players and mostly guest. Of course they’re still some pros left or people lurking on guest accounts. But look at how FFT was before webgl and look at it now. Before webgl every room had our friends and pro players lol and you know that. Please don’t act like the current FFT has pro players in it compared to before.


@pointlessfield This is a forum to discuss Freefall Tournament and that’s what I’m doing. It’s my opinion and how I feel coming from someone who’s played the game longer than everyone who still plays or post on this forum. I don’t really care if you don’t think it’s constructive criticism. Even if I gave constructive criticism which I did when I was a mod, all of it gets ignored. I just come on this forum every few months and nothing gets updated.

It’s been over a year now, I would expect more.


That ‘everyone’ - the way u use it - means the entire old player base. That ‘everyone’ also forgot to mention how they have far too outdated PC with few exceptions. If game progress regarding quality, they still wouldn’t be able to play it normally.

This is the issue of small rooms. Guests before and guests now are the same. U just notice it more and has more impact if u get 3 noobs in a room of 6 ppl than 3 noobs in a room of 16 ppl.

While u have a point here, u are also wrong. Do u think ur 5$ will pay a whole new map/hero? Is that an actual cost of it? Games that earns a lot have no issue with updating the game. Read again fish-dolphin-whale part and all gonna be clear.

U keep forgetting that Asian server didn’t exist. U should compare hacker era, game before/and after it if u want to be more realistic.

It’s been almost 6 years since the game came out. Deal with it how ppl simple grow up and moved to another things. I know for sure that ppl I played with and names that I constantly see quit during hackers or before that because no updates or some other reason like uni/work/army.

If u or me or anyone isn’t happy with ANY game, u are not forced to play it. U can’t guarantee that ppl would come back for a new map, that is one big IF. If u are not happy with this game, simple move to something else . U said it multiple times by now how u are not happy with it, stated multiple times what bothers u about it and said u never gonna come back to it. So, tell me honestly, what is the point repeating this over and over? Did it changed anything before? Or now?


You do make a point about the lack of content, especially after a year in the making. perhaps there’s a reason why my thread asking if there will be new content was ignored? Who knows they might just be working on THE BIG UPDATE coming to you tomorrow!!! bringinging 20 maps, 50 classes, entirely new upgrade system and MORE YES MORE WEAPONS THAN ALL 3 BORDERLAND GAMES PUUUUT TOOOOGETHEEEEERRRRRR all for the low low price of $69.69

But in all seriousness who knows this here might be these guy’s Saturday job and can only do a bit of work on the game for 5hrs till next week. And plus this is and will always be at heart a browser game and there is only so much you can put into one before it becomes bloated and unable to even play on a browser. or it becomes loading bar the game come back 1hr later to play.


Obviously people didn’t just leave because of webgl… everyone has personal issues with their life. It’s not that hard to understand when I say everyone I mean players in general. How would I possibly speak for everyone in the game… During the hacker phase, every single room was full and the game was active af. After webgl people vanished, not sure why you can’t admit that.[quote=“Dea83, post:355, topic:2060”]
While u have a point here, u are also wrong. Do u think ur 5$ will pay a whole new map/hero? Is that an actual cost of it? Games that earns a lot have no issue with updating the game. Read again fish-dolphin-whale part and all gonna be

They need to focus on making the game fun and UPDATING it once in years ffs. It’s like people paying $5 are getting scammed to play a game that hasn’t been updated or isn’t even that fun right now. If they had new skins, maps, and classes, they would never need to charge. Especially with FFT, do you know how much people would spend money on new classes or even skins? I never got to spend money on FFT because there was NOTHING to spend it on lol. Ahmed made some badass skins and I’m pretty sure it was posted here months and months ago. I doubt they even considered it. They never care for any ideas the community has. How can a game make money without any content that can be purchased by players. I’ve spent $100+ on the games I play for new champions, skins, chests, anything. That could of been FFT, but no they have no content.

I know I’m not forced to play it xd, that’s why I quit since webgl.

My point exactly, everything said on this forum is never considered by anyone or cared for. Of course nothing has changed the game is still outdated and boring. I just hope that Y8 staff will listen to the community. Not even me, but listen to what the players tell them. If we ask for classes and maps, then make them… The game is worthless without the players. If they want new stuff, then make it happen. It’s been a year. Let me guess, blaster is still overpowered too right? The hours we spent discussing class balancing as mods, what happened to that?

So let’s ask now. @Ankit Do you guys have any upcoming updates? Any new classes, features, maps? What’s next?


Also as someone playing since 2012 and someone spent some money and a lot of time in the game, heres my two cents:

  1. Daily-Weekly-All time rankings of Kills-Captures-Wins-Killstreaks brought a lot of competition to the players which made us play a lot more, as ranks dont do anything in the game, and cash is for buying the classes, which many already have all.

2)Webgl. Now my knowledge of webgl is limited and i cant make a technical comment but from a player’s standpoint i can say that playing the game was horrible. If it wasnt for the steam version i probably wouldnt even be here.

3)Guest system. Now there has to be made a choice here. FFT is a game of 6 years, is it gonna continue as a random flash game on browser that you play for 10 minutes and leave, or is it gonna be a proper game that you devote your time to play? Being on the browser and this guest system it makes me think its gonna be the first one. I dont know about the y8’s busines model but at this point i would prefer if it continued from steam, with better graphics,physics,lag and ditch browser until atleast it can be made decent with webgl.

4)Updates. Now games needs updates time to time to bring something new and entertain players. I dont remember when was the last time FFt got updated. Im guessing last update was space station? After the important works, tier III classes should probably be done, (the missing two classes), balance works between alerady existing classes, and fixes of maps if there are bugs(also remodels,better textures)


Incorrect, it was like that only at the beginning of it. A bit later each server barely had 2 rooms with players. Says enough how unplayable it was.

How much did u spent on skins before getting mod acc (since with mod acc no need to buy skins)?
I would personally like to see better market and game getting updated. But

Too much time was wasted on nothing, that stands.

It’s not really working like that. Maps has own costs and they are not cheap at all. Maps are cheaper compared to the heroes but far from ‘cheap’.

But this is exactly the thing u refuse to see. Game has players. Just not the ones u would like to see. To me seems like these players are fine with whatever.

I can answer it, but this is not the question for me. Whole document was ready from my side weeks ago for rebalancing to test it out in the game. Thats why polls originally was created, but that was just a tiny bit of rebalancing that was planned.

Game overall could use many improvements, starting from custom game rooms, friendlist, leaderboards, getting at least 1 map/hero per year, steam trading cards/badges/achievements, fixing how high ping works in the game, better market.

But again, u compare wrong companies with Y8. These companies focus only on few games, where 100+ ppl work on a single project. This isn’t the company that focuses on a single or few games and surely FFT is far from having 24/7 dev team on it.


I do understand and know this, but why u then come on a forum of the game that u quit and post again more-less what u already posted before multiple times?
Not that it bothers me, ppl are free to post as long as they follow the forum rules, just don’t see any point or logic of that action.


I only come on the forum to see if there is any progress. I only check this forum every few months when I remember about it. But I feel like everything I say is pointless and developers will just ignore. Hopefully there will be updates in the next upcoming months. Cya.


so far,everything you said was completely pointless and we as the player base did you a favor by not ignoring you,i give 0 craps about how longer you’ve played before all of us if being a SJW is all your good for these days. like I’ve said,the game’s finally getting some hope,either help us,or screw the hell off.


Gotta ask - what is SJW? xD

This was directed towards Rja or me?


you know what’s pointless? you and your 2 cents into this argument.

Also when and how in the hell did you get the word SJW involved into this? In what way is Rja being an SJW? (social justice warrior)

All Rja is done is complain which is great and you’re all acting surprised by it as if we are never to complain about a game that has had no content added to it in the last few years. Hey i know lets take your favorite game and never add any more content, so when you suddenly start getting bored of it just remember to never complain because otherwise your an SJW right?

This game is like no other and i and many people want it to evolve but at this rate? i wouldn’t expect a new hero before i’m on my deathbed.

If the Devs want a successful money maker then they need to understand that having a player base that keeps coming back will bring in that magic money. with the current stuff it’s play and then go play something else because there isn’t anything to strive for other than unlocking a class


That’s not the issue. Not gonna look around and take screenshots, but if u are curious enough, u can see on rja’s profile posts. U will see as well that what he said up is something that he said more than once before.

Giving feedback (neg or pos) is alright, but as example this isn’t feedback:

This is accusation.

So is this.

Now it was just funny to me because I know the truth but to players doubt it looks funny.

Also rja did stated how he got no intentions to go back in the game even if it gets updated, quit playing, yet comes to give a negative feedback. Logically, if u quit some game and don’t care about it, u surely won’t post on a forum of that same game and just let it go. Or at least that’s what I do.

For this might @pointlessfield should explain to u, I think I got why he said it, but it’s some sort of a history

Edit: since it got closed, u prolly can move the convo in general discussion


Thanks guys for Spamming in news and update thread.

Now only Mods and Admin can post here regarding updates and news.

and you can continue the discussion there 💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫

We are working on many things but no promises for now because with ever changing unity updates its not easy. Our developers needs to spend a month of time to get game works on a new unity and browser update as I said before also its a transition period and keeping the game alive as it is a big challenge for us.

And I’m sure many of the players who is active here knows how game break with every chrome update than it become our priority to fix it before any new updates and sadly thats how the time passes.