New person here


hi i’m new and i’m gonna tell you about me.

I have a sister called Catherine who you probably know.
I like to sing , dance and play football
ask me any questions if you want
also i’m 9 years old

Hey go to this

hey sis i can help you if you want


sure but you can just tell me and I want other people to help me as well




arn’t you ment to be doing work


yeah but it is my break


ok i wont tell mum


thanks :smiley:


@cath1. Debes ponerle categoria


hola como estan


soy nuevo


Bienvenido a foro y8 aqui puedes charlear, mandar fotos y tambien crear temas.
Gracias por unirte a Foro y8 :ligeramente_smiling_face:




De nada si quieres logros puedes desbloquearlo dale a = al lado de tu cuenta le das a = y alli veras los.




como estas






¿Y tu?


Wow I didn’t know Cath1 and Charli_D_Amelio were sisters! That’s cool!
I have a sister as well, but she doesn’t go on the Y8 forum. If you see Leafeather115, that’s her!