New friends!


I really don’t know. These kids coming at me for not wanting to be friends with them (they’re both 9 and i’m 14)


Oh, but this is personal freedom, right ?


I mean, i put 13+ so they should know that i only wanna talk to people 13 and over and not 9 year olds… It’s honestly ridiculous that i have to sit here and tell them i only wanna talk to people over 13… Leave if you cant accept it, don’t run your mouth or cry like a baby to me.


I mean, every person has special characteristics for the friend they want to be with, '(
To be happy and comfortable with that friendship !


Exactly, but its kinda weird and creepy for 14 year old to be friends with a 9 year old. That’s just how i feel


Absolutely, this is your own opinion, and not everyone should agree with it,
but they should respect it last !


But as for myself, I don’t have any specific characteristics .
It will make me happy to be a friend to anyone of any age .

Because I believe that I may learn new experiences, and they may affect me positively, so that I see things in a different and more simple way,
In either case, I will learn something new from any friendship it was,
because no one is perfect and knows everything.

Who knows? Maybe they are different, I mean, age is just a number as I see it !




So please guys, @kayleigh @Ace1
she didn’t mean to say it in such a rude way as you understood it,
She just said what she was thinking, ok ?


Hi, welcome !


fine, how are you


At my best, and you ?
Hope you had a good time today ?


Yes, thank you very much




Can I get to know you, but on private correspondence


@son_Goku You cant like hangout with her or anything beause she has a boyfriend that i bet that is like 20!so i wouldnt hangout with her around her boyfriend if i were u!


Well thanks for the warning


Excuse me?!! My boyfriend is 15 and i’m turning 15. You cannot disrespect others or be cruel like that, have you not heard don’t judge a book by its cover?


And hello, welcome to the drama. These 9 year olds wanna fight me for not wanting to be friends with them, it really does make me lol a bit


im soo deaaddd lmaooo