New friends!


Hey guys, i’m so lonely and literally just always home doing nothing so uhh yeah reply to this if you wanna hang out or something lmao…


Just add me on discord: moosh#7713
Don’t be nasty i have a boyfriend. I would really like some girl-friends haha oh and don’t be a weeb and don’t be boring


umm does it matter of the age limit and how old are u?


It does matter, i’m 14


ugh ur so rude im leaving


there i flaged the topic!


Wdym i just dont wanna be friends with like someone who is like 12


and im 9 rude!


yeah, that wouldn’t really work…


fine since ur so rude ima flag this group and i also already did it!so to whoever joins this group who is under “13” flag this group!


Lmao okay i’m not trying to be mean in any way tho… i just don’t feel comfortable being friends with anyone under 13. But go ahead, flag my group i can always just make a new one(:


thne i also flag that one too!


Kayleigh you need to go now, i’m not arguing with a 9 year old. Lol


I’M a 9 year old.


leave cause she rudre!




Lmao kayleigh and ace…You guys really need some help lmao


I don’t need help @EmzeDilemze


You honestly do… You guys are calling me rude for not wanting to be friends with 9 year olds


u need help with like theropy!


Calm down guys, what’s going on here ?