Need help from hacks


guys can u help how to figure out hacking links cause lots of people are sending me links in fb gmail and others please help me
and ty for ur time.


most likely scams. Plus people make their own to collect user data.


yeah but what r those link that if u click it ur account will automatically be hack in just seconds?


People can set up a steal user data or IP. When they create the site like for example:

welcome to wear wonderful people
Click this link to gain a coupon for a free trip all ar0und the W0RLD

Since they hid their script in the site. The user data and IP gets stolen in seconds


Not really sure why would u click on a link from a random person.
If u play games that has 2FA, enable it. If not, don’t click.


Never open links from untrusted people
Always check the address is 100% correct
be suspicious about needing to login after clicking
Only install stuff from trusted sources
Use a password manager to prevent reusing passwords


some times people sending me links are my enemy in the game i play every day and sometimes they ask me to add them in gmail and other social account.


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lol sorry i just did it for troll :trolleybus:


i don’t understand why people doing those kind of things?


Same here


what??? i have no idea dude

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