My game was reuploaded here without any credit


Hi, my team’s game Kakatte Koi Yo has only been uploaded by us on our itch page. We recently found that the game was uploaded here without our permission or any credit to the team at our Itch or Twitter. We would like for the game to remain on the condition that the description be updated to include links to our itch page, backslashgames, and Twitter @ PlayKakatte, hopefully you can help us. When I brought this up on the Discord I was told to mention @eddie and @Ankit
Pictured below is our itch page where the game was taken from.


Hello, nice looking game. Can you give us the description in markdown format?


Thank you for responding so soon. This description should suffice though as a new user I cannot directly post links I’ll upload this photo to show where the hyperlinks should direct viewers to.

Kakatte Koi Yo! is a fast-paced platform fighter where you and up to three friends battle it out to score fish for points or to destroy another team’s shrine with a bomb to win in various arenas. Play as cats, fight with fish, and jump and slap your way to victory in this turf war.
Follow our Twitter [@ PlayKakatte] for updates on the development.
Purchase the latest version of the game on [Itch at BackSlashGames] to support the game.


well ur game sucks really.


So if you were an indie developer. Do you think you would make the best looking game?


hell yeah.


Good luck with that as an indie developer
If you are actually interested in doing it


Alright, thank you. Let me know if this setup works.

@VergilKingstone It is difficult to make games. Try constructive criticism


I know a lot of a games with simple graphics
yet the game genre I am talking about called Roguelikes
They may look simple but it is actually complexed

also Being an Indie Developer is not always about making the Best game like Halo, League of Legends or even Half Life. Making games is very difficult and time consuming like an average of 3 years or more.

Being an Indie Developer is all about Progress and Learning
not about this game should be fancy and stuff
Check out an Indie game called Noita. It was made by 3 people and it also belongs to the Roguelike Genre.

If you decided to make a game like most AAA games without the knowledge and experience (not talking about playing games experience). Most likely you would finish that game in a decade or 2.


damn u my friend make games dude they ain’t bad like this and don’t banned me for this anyway u didn’t help about my problem what the hell is wrong about u?


i know that and if u know that ur game sucks why would u make it.


honestly I wouldn’t really care. Free game or not. It will be a learning process. I am making an arcady based game in gamemaker studio 2 and I don’t expect to earn money or see communities growing.

All indie developers make games for fun. Its not always about the money.
AAA games don’t make games for fun. All they want is your money at an unfair advantage.

this is a better mindset rather than making nothing or making a clone


also great job with the game. the graphics style reminded me of Killer Queen Black.


so what is y8?
game for fun
game for money


Thank you for linking the Twitter, have a nice day.


y8 is basically like Steam but for browser games
most of the games they have on their service aren’t their games