Mighty Knight 2 is really Cool


Mighty Knight 2 is one of my favourate games on y8.com


Elite Sniper was my favorite, until it was removed. :cry:


Suggestion for next mighty hero:
Each hero can select specialization:


Its Halloween time and Im new here :sweat_smile:
My Barbarian is level 76 and my Knight is level 71 :smile:
And Endless Mode is 17 it is so hard and my new best is 18 endless mode its very very hard :pensive:
Yehey I finish the rewards its awesome :thumbsup: :smiley:


I like Mighty Knight 2 Its awesome :smile:

:hash: NowPH
:hash: I am Member Of Treevolution :smile:
:hash: I am Grade 6 Students :smile:


I suggest that the AI of the auto mode should prioritize getting the friendly ghosts. If there is an option to turn this feature on/off, it would be so cool.


THERE IS a glitch in mighty knight


hola todos me paresen bien


mighty knight 2 is cool and my fav is the lancer and i do this combo where i use both of his skills in a way


es un juego genial me encanta tienen que aser el 3


that would be cool if in the game was a healer


there was really a hero called elite sniper???!
pls tell me everything about the hero!