Merry Xmas FFT COMMUNITY! <3

Merry Christmas

You alrdy see the one for my prof so heres another

What’s the purpose of posting that image? I don’t see how it’s relevant to this thread.

Note: Not trying to be a party pooper but still…

I can’t help it, my latino side is always there whispering things.

U are making us show our face. Why don’t you show your face?

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rip that face :joy::joy::joy:

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dude? Did you just wake up from a coma?

Ankit edited my original post because God forbid I ever direct the f word to a 19 year old lol


Why in january. Why

P.S. Btw I’m a girl

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^ Proofs


Don’t ruin Jeremies hope.

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omfg lemme hide myself now… those faces though :joy::joy:


and i hope you enjoy your stay in this forum
i hope you come back soon
i am waiting for all of you guys to come back

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