Masked Forces


Don’t listen to rude players and if they are being rude to u, just mute or ignore them since they don’t deserve anyones attention. No worries, I’m always around if help is needed. :slight_smile:


Thank you sooo much haha. maybe one thing you can help with Deagle. its not christmas anymotre why is it christmas anymore in the game? i Want it to be not that, but cannot get the option. Why? maybe its italian or chinese new year, but im not any of these. i just want more different hats for the seasons of the years through time. Maybe california usa party hats with red cups beer haha! good bye :slight_smile:


It’s every day x-mas for @Freeze , appreciete his love for Santa.

Other than that, I’m not a dev nor I worked on this game, so can’t give u the answer u are looking for.


ooohhhoho i like santa too maybe we can hang out @Freeze? But deagle you are a man of knowing a lot so i thought something with the hat. hahaha did you have fun on valentines day? i did a little bit. i hope for me. hope you have a nice one, but what is your real name deagle? :smile:


Be careful, what you write here, otherwise direct ban next time.


ok Ankit im sorry will not do again with bad words :slight_smile:


in the game masked force HOW can I fly? punch what button?


You can’t. if you see someone doing it, it’s either exploiting a bug or using a hack software.


Good to hear :slight_smile:


If eating a chocolate for Valentines counts as fun, then I did.

@ovanpras798763 don’t punch keyboard too much, they tend to stop working after that :stuck_out_tongue:


my dad owns a chocolate store so ate tons of chocolate


hello I’m new how do you change your profile picture?


hello guys


go any wallpaper or pic of yourselves and games so peace out lightning :heart_eyes_cat:


best game


Hallo everion im back. I still best player, no player best than me. I kill miki bubu once and for alls and now he never come back hahahahahahahaha. oh i not kill him in real life, but he say to much bad word like n-word, c-word or disgusting. he make fon of me when i say i want gunhat and scare-hat. he think he better than me, but never come back anymore for death. Now my frien TimShaun is trying to win me but he cannot even do that. So tell me this. Why is this game fon for ME? and i waqnt a new gun that can shoot and get the girls for me so i can have them with me when i alone hehehe, we know what i want


Hahaha thats what she said mister lightning! When you write i never understand, are YOU part of the game? I WILL battle you if you want but you will never win me. hahahaaa i can do what i want, but we can be friends. You talk about “peace out lightning” but you have never seen a real lightning. Yesterday i have 14 birthday and i spent it by shooting noobs and attacking danger-shooters hahahaaa when will i stop it? When i win everyone with everygun. We can be best friends or dangerous masters. Fun-fight or danger-fight, which one do you want?! Sniper-gun only if you play me… skills required. :hamburger:




hahahah im back!! please you ruined the game for me! I use to be able to right-click and gun stay aimed but now you have to hold right-click down to do this aim. This mean i cannot play with trackpad which is the only way i can be challenge because i good at it. Maybe make option for making aim be click-on/click-off instead of hold rightmouse down. Hahaha hope you will listen this time, i like the game and will be sad if i cant not playit. I still also would like gunhat or something instead of christmas.
Lolkvester (lolkMaster) (XD)