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listen to this everybody and tell me how it went


What your love for that band :rage:

lyrics:Blueface, baby
Yeah, yeah, aight
Bitch, I’m a Loc, MAC with the scope
I am big homie, one phone call they go
Pick the wrong side, Glock put him court side
Now he watchin’ this shoot from the flo’
Ooh, hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up, let me switch the flow
Choppa got a choppa, make a wrong move, bet he pop ya’
Bitch call me daddy, bitch call me papa
That boy baloney, bitch, I’m vegan
You now if I hit it, then it was on camera
Hopped off the bus then hopped in a Porsche (Panamera)
Forgi’s, sittin’ on a four piece with a biscuit
I play with fire, sometimes I burn bridges
Bet you ain’t ever met a nigga love swimmin’
Pull up like Tracy McGrady from the Pistons
Gotta keep a pistol for a f*ck nigga dissin’
Bet this choppa make him dance like a disco


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Who are you talking to :face_with_monocle:


everyone duh


If you do not send me



there happy


Are you kidding me


hi :wink:




I love BTS because they made me less insecure and made me not doubt myself anymore.
You got a problem with that? @son_Goku


who me?