K-pop bts army









I hate BTS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




hola :blush:




Ok, because I say this in a video of youtube and all ARMYS insulted me


how dare they ARMY UNITE


I dont know.
try to expand the type of music that you listen to. There are Jazz, Punk, Country, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Reggae… Music is not just BTS.


It’s mix of Korean and English and normally there are subs for it, as much as I know.

Please do respect what other ppl like, even if u personally don’t like it (:


Bro, it was not an offensive comment, just think… What about these subs are wrong? Or created by someone else? Do you even know how to speak korean?

Acá en latinoamerica hay gente que le encantaría secuestrar a uno de ellos, por eso llega a parecerme repulsivo.


Subs often comes officially from group or studio. Translations hardly can be accurate on every language, but English should be good enough.

Not about offensive comment, but u are commenting on a topic that clearly isn’t something u personally like and on top of it calling it overrated. For some people is, for some isn’t, as any type of the music. There was no need to say something like that, that’s all.


ok then, I’m gonna edit my comment. It is just my opinion… I thought that this forum was created to talk about the Y8 games and that stuff, not to post korean photos.


This is off-topic, u can find topics about games or start ur own, of course.


Wow wow wow I lost


offf why