I'm new and i'm a boy



and my color is green and if you like and are interested in me you would have to be 13,14,or15.


Welcome newcomer, :sparkles::rainbow:
I hope we’ll be friends soon, :cloud:
Enjoy your time here, and if you have any questions, don’t forget that I am here for, :speech_balloon:
Have a nice day, :milk_glass::strawberry: !


you to


Hi! Welcome to the Y8 forum! I hope you find everything you need here to help you!
Scarlet Chapelle
BTW’s I’m thirteen


Hey i am also 13::smile::sweat_smile:


wow this is good i will be happy to be friends with you guys.






We are the happiest !


ok we had to do a lot of moving and mainly painting.


aa, What ?


yeah i had to do a lot of work


Oh, good job !
Did you take a break ?




nle choppa chamelot is a good song


wonderful !


Oh really ?
It sounds sweet !
I will definitely listen to it, :ribbon:


Hello? :wink:


:angry: welcome lol!!!


hahah :joy: :rofl: