I need friends

how are you


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Yo snowflake u on is there anybody on



How are you?

Hello again.

i dont love anime

Tch. Normie.

Hiii :stuck_out_tongue:

if your creating this topic, you cannot expect to get what you want.
you know if i have ever wanted someone to reply back to me, and someone to Like my Post that’s actually bad.
i also wanted him to unblock my Y8 account because i did not message him. well but in the first place he send friend request to me, and i click accept. but Later he unfriended me and block me as well

No one cares I just want to talk to people

HI my friends


are you Ms? that means you are married? miss is married, right?

bad day to you >:3 anime is the best

I do not want to offend you with this: anime is satanic. The anime invokes death !!

The Lord Jesus Christ bless you and guide you to his truth, because I see you wrong.

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