I need friends

I did! My name is Dr. W.D. Gaster! Perhaps you’ve heard of me?

Naaaaaa you look more like a snowflake

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To me

But I’m not this mean I’m more Nice then this I’m just bored

Oh, really? Perhaps you’d like to see me angry, then?

Yo get angry wait let me get my popcorn

Ok get angry

Yo snowflake I bet u look like this guy

Bad doesn’t even begin to describe the time you’re about to have…



Yo u think this is Scary yo snowflake

This conversation went from weird to cringey realll fast.

Fine. Try and scare me. I guarantee you can’t.

Look at this funny pic


U can tell that’s it’s a mask




Yes, yes you can. Now tell me, who’s that on your ceiling?

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