I CANT PLAY Hide online



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Game: Hide online

**Problem:**I Dont Know But I Cant PLAY Hide online, This is The Second Time,I Cant Play!! PLS HELP, IM JUST A KID PLS :tired_face:


i know me too i want them to fix this ugh i just wanna play


You are not the only one


can you please try again. developer made some changes.


I GOT THE SAM THING :frowning:


oh now work


if no hide online T_T


My game is currently not working. It keeps popping this up: 24%20PM


when i am trying to login it loads then it just goes black. help plz i want to play :crying_cat_face:


my screen is black its like his all day


i cant play~


wont erroooooooor


I try and load the game and it tells me to click to enable sound and when i do, it loads in but says there was an unknown error.


bilinmeyen bir error verdi falan diyo?


same with me i havent been able to play for 3 days and this is the 2nd time it has happened!!! Atkins can u help fix this bug/glitch or whatever it is for good!!!


AGAIN SAME WITH ME! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS TO ME! This needs to be looked into and be fixed by the developers!


why i cant play hide online?


can you play hide online?


i cant play y8 hide online


hey can you plz fix this for all of this lots of people are having this problem