I can not do this and more



my boyfriend won’t talk to me anymore, I’m going to have an emotional breakdown

I need some support.

What did I do wrong?

was I not good enough?


hey girl dont even brouther aboutit if he wats an other girl then fin u will find a btter bf i know from my realsionship trust me on this one he just wants tgo make u mad see u in pain just let him be u will fined a new bf i will be your frined if u need any evidce come to me but as i was saying mov e on dont let your tears fall cuz of him trust me u have to bealive me but at the same time i feel bad for u are u good and ok just take this edvice plzzz:heart_decoration::disappointed_relieved:


He want things I can’t give him. I just don’t know anymore


that is a good ideas. because they have a lot of boy in the world maybe he was not the one who is in your future if it is not yours don’t get mad life will still continuous yours is waiting for you maybe he is in Dubai like me just look for it in you will find it


I just don’t know what to do. he want kids and im only 12 years old. when i say no He threatens me


I told you that tell him you are not ready to have kids it is not time to do sexe because with this age that could brake your dream maybe when you do the kids for him e will tell you he do not love you again in you will be sad but your dream will be already done tell him you cannot that all thing you should told him are tel him if he still asking for that you will brake up with him what do you say
should you do that are let him make you crazy with that


i don’t know i’m scared of him


you know you are a girl you should be very courageous ok
do it I am waiting for you




he said it’s not up to me if i don’t wanna be in a relationship it’s up to him. What should i do now


dont cuz he gonna do the same thing belive me


no dont even be with him plzzzz thata abosive


He thinks because he older my thought doesn’t matter,


i get it


how old he is


19years old


and you are 12 ?


yeah i know it sound weird believe me


ok I do not say that love don’t count by age ok
do you really love him ?


No, I’m only dating him because my dad said so.