How many Badges do you have?



I have:
Received 1 like on 20 posts
Granted all essential community functions
First post edit
First Emoji
Used an Emoji in a Post
First Flag
Flagged a post
First Like
Liked a post
First Link
Added a link to another topic
First Mention
Mentioned a user in a post
First Onebox
Posted a link that was oneboxed
First Quote
Quoted a post
Out of Love
Used 50 likes in a day
Read Guidelines
Read the community guidelines
Thank You
Has 20 liked posts and gave 10 likes
Received a like
Gives Back
Has 100 liked posts and gave 100 likes

How many badges do you have? just asking
Lots of badges how many do you have?

so i have 15.


Dont spam

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