How do I become a moderator in Y8?



Please? How to do it?


it takes a long time


Nope, I am talking to admins


Help everyone here and if we feel we can make you moderator.


Hello, can i help you? :slight_smile:


Leo16 i want to tell you this. first, you got to tell them what is the reason why you would want to become a moderator. secondly, if you want to be a moderator then you have to be at Least 14 years old and above. thirdly, if now you are just a basic user who is new to this Y8 Forum discussion, do try to get some badges to become a Leader or a member. it will do take some time. i think there might be some restrictions to it if you would want to become a moderator. And Lastly, get approval from them to see whether if they accept you or not. but as for now since you are just a regular, i think they will still accept you.


Thank you @Teo2!




me :ok_hand:


thanks :ok_hand:

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