Hide Online





Hi guys! Are you still experiencing the same error?
Game works fine on my end.


hi im new what seems to be the problem i can help if u want me to im rose by the way


The game is fully working 4 me. There’s actually no trouble in my PC


I suggest a mute button to silence toxic people in the matches.



A new game like hide online as promised though its still in beta, feel free to report bugs

and follow its thread here Prop Busters Game


An error occured with the id.net
Code: 500 Internal Server Error

If you still have this problem, try this:
Delete your browser cache and reload webseite.
It worked for me.


Why cant i make my own server privat or public?


i dont know i cant do it to i dont know why


you can make a room but you are not a captain if all rooms are full u can make a room and players can join your room




я не могу поменяться на другой предмет.Например я офисное кресло похожу к например бургеру т.д. нажимаю “E” а он не меняет.меня так постоянно находят!!!


we’ll see who will play hide online


di ako makalaro


hi djboss




how are u




mi juego de hide online no funciona,me aparece cuando inicio juego solo me aparece una pantalla en negro,y no puedo jugar,nisiquiera en las partidas no se arregla eso,pero lo de los anuncios y eso,esta todo bien,porfavor,arreglen eso.


I understand part Spanish I take classes is ur game not working is that what ur trying to say