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Hello, I’m a community game of “Freefall Tournament”. I have played for a long time, but I stopped playing for a long time and started playing with another account because I could not enter with the previous one. There are many players who use third-party programs to help themselves in the game, giving them many skills that are not fair to the starting players, or to the players who do not use them, in addition to damaging the game experience, they also damage the connection. Turning the game into something slow and causing the image to paralyze in the moment or jump between images, these types of players are very problematic in the community of players, so I decided to ask for help from the game developers who took this in their hands , although previously these players were very common, to find 1 or 2 in the same room, now they have decreased in number. However there are those who refuse to lose because of their lack of ability, they can play with skills like immunity, invisibility, floating in the air, shoot through walls, bullets and endless bombs, intangibility that allows them to cross the shield and walls , kill the players when they reappear, as well as avoid the shots of other players, recover life and remain in 1 point of life so that they do not die and make them immortal, among other things.
For a long time I had to endure this because I did not know how to report the problem until I found this forum, I hope you can do something about it because many people stop playing for this reason even me, but I realize that the problem has not yet It has been resolved. Thanks in advance.

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