Give me 2 of your favorite songs and I'll combine them together



I tried, I’m too young. I think it would be better on Youtube


go 2 soundcloud and type Huggy BTS BEAST!!!


i downloaded it it in there


have u heard it yet?


No, because I’m too young. They won’t let me use it


oh sry


Hello @Blueface, don’t spam at least 4 posts.

Thank you.


I swear, the BTS DNA and Danger mashup was like the best thing I have ever heard.
My ears are blessed


Jungkook :heart_eyes:


main-qimg-2e906cd69051c6f1d82cd677bb867275 ![download%20(68)|183x275]](upload://igpJQjzatqAwWvjyrCytubBkz5y.jpeg) ![6d5e05bd1ba2da97c47b9a1b209d2ad1|235x228]




Jnugkook wow jimin yes


look at this THx DJ 21LILgu$ for creating this lol

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