Give me 2 of your favorite songs and I'll combine them together





I got it!!!
BTS “Danger”
Please and Thank You!




OMG, I love it!!!


It’s perfect!!!


It’s literal perfection!!
You totally have to share this on Youtube!


u actually like it


i thought u where not gunna like it that much but gee thx


say it too my DJ his name is 21LILgu$


Duh!! That is the best BTS mashup I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot!!
No one could have done it better!!!
Yes, so share this masterpiece on Youtube!!


Thank you, Mr. 21LILgu$!!!
Please, you so have to share that on Youtube!!!


u share it have my credit


and you"ll have the credit and make your BTS fans Proud!!!


but I want U 2 have something not everything is gunna go 2 me right?


Yeah, I can’t.
My mom doesn’t allow me to have a Youtube channel, and if I share it, my mom will definitely see. And I’m not going behind her back


I love my mom, and if I go behind her back, I would feel wrong


Please?? You have to share it!!


With who tho?


I’ll try ight


To Youtube.
If you pause the video you can see the Youtube logo and you can share it to youtube, probably on your channel