Game status after submission

hello, I have sent my 2 games a few days ago, but until now I have not seen my games in your catalog. did my shipment reach you? or is my game rejected? If it’s true that my game was rejected, please contact me so I can fix it

Can you tell your games name so other users (like me) can check if they has been uploaded to the catalog? maybe theres an error that does the game to not appear for some users, as it happened to me before.I hope you can solve this beacuse i liked Tebo and i want to see more of your games :slightly_frowning_face:.

my game name= the ball bounces,
Maybe you want to try this game of mine, the concept is not much different from the Tebo game. and thank you for your opinion, maybe I will make a continuation of the tebo game

And about Tebo… I think you didnt actually fix level 34 as you said, it still seems to be impossible.

hello, actually I have fixed it but I am not sure that it can happen on Y8, because I uploaded my game on gamemonetize and Y8 is a third party. You can try it, and let me know if there are any other problems

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