FreeRange Games or Y8

Hello Freerange Games or Y8, I’m a player of this game for 3 years and i just notice that at exactly January 2021, There’s so many Fake marshall and hackers in the game.
If you make me admin or moderator of the game i can kick some hackers in the game and improve the gameplay in FFT [ just kicking hackers and glitchers] they kinda annoying by crashing the room!
Here’s my Suggestions about the game:
Add security system - to secure FFT from hackers

Fix Bugs and glitches - watch this 10 Cool Glitches in Freefall Tournament 2021! :boom: FFT All Bugs

Improve each heroes abilites like make it more particle

fix tech heal gun it can crash the room if they heal too long

Make FFT more realistic pls

Add new character named “Pilot”, plan for the skills

That’s all if you have questions comment

Pls make me admin or moderator and Subscribe to my channel MOTA GamingYT

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