(For Ankit) I need you something!



Hi @Ankit, Can you act in this topic? I am curious, well you know what to do is: Act the topic better!

I hope you will say Hi! or Hello! in this topic!

Hope you will do better! :wink:

RPG Games!

:dancer: :laughing:

hope you like my act :wink:


no, like do something, say hi or hello


If you want to go over a next task, say skip

If you don’t know these tasks, check out these 10 ones. Say quests [[any quest]]

  1. Welcome
  2. Closing and unlocking
  3. Unlisting and Listing
  4. Pinning
  5. Linking
  6. Quoting
  7. Emoji
  8. Liking
  9. Bookmarking
  10. (Last) Sharing

I hope you indeed it! :wink:


sorry lets not spam here.

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