Football Legends 2016


It s good this game :wink:




haahahahaha lol I am the good 1


I love you too wewewewe


Man i like that game so much,I wish to download it


i record this game pls subscribe to BOBjr8403 and pickaxehero


تحية عامة لكل الناس الحلوة


ôi trời sao mà mới vào mà bị cho 2 quả rồi :smiley: cố lên chứ


Update: Football Legends Valentine Edition coming soon, with the new super shot.

Let us know who cant wait to play it for the first time :soccer:

#33 Football Legends Valentine Edition have been released have fun playing the game with new achievements and new super shot :soccer: :runner:


New Supershot is the too awesome.
Lol,with this,other player fell in love with my player and does his OWN goal,hehe :wink:

Nice Concept :smile:


hola ezs genialment5e aburrido :wink:


Best game ever
:grinning: :video_game:


BEST GAME EVER :smiling_imp:


this is the best game ever in football head animation.I will never stop playing this game


This game is very good!I like it very much.


This is the best football game that I have never seen.guys I recommend you to play this game


i love it very much :grinning:


the game is good you should play it


me two man it is lots of fun