Flag or report a explicit profile


Hello developers, I found a profile that looks… well… just want to say that you should check the profile pics before they can post it.


in descord or in y8 forum?


And that’s really need to be out of this org maybe this guys or she is a pervert or is just the way makes her self happy.


ok thanks for reporting that. I will remove the nudity. Seems they updated through the forum or 3rd party system. All profile pictures on y8 account are moderated by robots and also people when needed.


why robots the one who moderate profile picture ?
do y8 have enough moderator or not?


I think its more like the activity of mods on this forum but AI is extremely useful in some areas


will robots don’t have soul so they don’t understand what is nudity i guess.


tbh you program them to know what picture is good and what picture is bad.


cvs end.


as in the pharmacy store?


The forum is not connected super well to account.y8.com. Separate profile images. So people will always try to find a way around moderation.


That does make sense because the y8 games site is built from y8. But the forum is built on an Open Source Forum Software which is maintained by y8.


Choi game

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