💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫


Played commando a bit using the long range gun.
Got some decent ratios. Took some getting used to lol




will they put system requirements for fft when it becomes downloadable? I hope it works with my low end pc or I shouldn’t have played a year playing daily :frowning:


Mind sharing ur PC spec?


sure… but it sucks alot ;-;
intel® core™ 2 duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26 GHz 2.27 GHz
32 bit operating system

I just copied it from my system properties


Well, 32 Bit OS isn’t suitable for WebGL, especially the fact that you only have 2 GB Ram, which is low :slight_smile: but we’ll try our best to make .exe ported to these specs, no worries :slight_smile:


ty joll :smiley:
it worked very smoothly before it became on WebGL


Yes but count that before also there was no phones with huge RAM memory. To make it short, I believe that 8GB is now sorta like ‘minimum’ for majority of games to make it work.


hi poe sa inyo


whats the GB RAM needed to play freefall tournament smoothly
cuz its kinda laggy in ma pc 2gb ram


2GB is too low to be frank, as Andrea said, 8 GB will be best.

Btw, you use 32 bit OS or 64 bit ?


Its laggy in 16GB too


By laggy you mean game is jerky ? Meaning, when you move the model(or aim), it doesnt do that but instead, it jerks? OR you mean, when you shot other player, it takes a bit time to damage ? whats your definition of laggy ? Because last time i got a message from you saying game dont lag with 8 players in room.


Yea , this lag started a week back in chrome. Not just to me, but to other players as well. They said ,it was smooth for them before,but now its way to laggy(jerky)

Well i hope it will be fixed , :slight_smile:



A week back, chrome 66 was released, but game isnt updated, so only browser’s update could be the reason(if it is laggy), but i havnt got this report from QA.
Always try to clear browser’s cache time to time.

We cant really control browser’s updates, some updates are beneficial for webgl, while some not.

We are currently focussed on steam port & only working on it, the goal of which is to remove jerkyness. Announcing its “Coming soon” next week :slight_smile:


Yea , ok. Maybe the Chrome update because before that even 8v8 (16 players) room was pretty smooth for me




Even with a 16 GB RAM and gaming PC it’s still quite jerky…
I’ve asked many of my friends in FFT and not one has said it’s not jerky. It all started around 2-3 weeks ago, before it was quite fine.

Glad to hear that the Steam version is coming out soon @Joll that’s nice :smiley:


really wanna come back now :relieved:


lol so Y8 deleted the message