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I’m doing it!


So,the forum’s layout is changed lol




Everyone seems to laugh when I tell them that I play FFT with a built-in trackpad (which is finally beginning to wear down to the point of breaking)

There’s a player called Cpl. Return, he’s pretty good with a blaster/tank, you should duel with him and find out who will win :stuck_out_tongue: Course he tends to speak Spanish, so unless you do too, that might be difficult.


Yeah, I’ve met Col. Return (That what u meant?)
Pretty good player.


Col? Yeah, that one ^^

People kept forfeiting last night on the US server, it was funny the first time, not so much the rest of the time lol


played $A$4 with unicorn abby :slight_smile:


Lolz, interesting glitch


I had an interesting game today.

So, i was in shuttle bay starting a new game when 2 players joined, Cpt and G2. they were both on opposite teams.
the g2 was blaster, cpt was assasin. Obviously, since there is a good blaster, i decided on tank to counter. Never been a blaster guy.

So the game starts, and i kill the g2 a few times. He starts swearing and accusing me of hacking. (He also likes using the F-word.)
I didn’t say anything. so they were winning at that point, around 500-20ish?

Then cpt starts talking. I think Joe(me) is hacking too.
I’m like, do you think i’m hacking?
No reply.

After i kill the g2 some more times, he gets salty and starts swearing and calling me noob again.
Cpt starts using f-word on me.
I reply “you guys are 2v1 ing me, but i have better KDR and more kills than both of u combined. Who’s the noob?”

They start swearing at me and calling me noob again.
Now it’s around 900-30, i finally decide to concentrate and i cap point.
Cpt says good game noob.
I say, it’s not over yet.
SgM joins room on my team as tank, we keep capping the point.

IT’s now into overtime, and we got to around 900-500 when Msg scout joins on their team and tips the balance in their favor.

They win, and then cpt says “bye f*ggot” then leaves
g2 says same thing, and leaves.
Interesting game.


There’s a player called G1.dino, and he trash talks alot too, calling everyone random names if they kill him. Almost always plays tank 100% of the time. Also a user called trix or something like that. They ignore me of course when they’re asked to stop.

Also, I have no way to confirm this with a video or image so I can’t make a thread about it, but alot of the rooms are giving me false defeats. 1000+ fully captured point still gave me a defeat.
PL as well, I’ll just stand on the capture point after killing the other two, and the PL just keeps moving in the wrong direction until the other team wins.
There’s also these flashes of players in front of my character that aren’t really there because I just killed them.
_Also in TDM, sometimes if I’m moving when the countdown starts, I’ll be frozen and floating into the center of the arena and when the match starts, instead of starting in the base, I end up at a random
Also I seem to get that same optics glitch after playing blazer and switching classes after someone kills me, the person who last killed me will always be traceable

Interesting stuff lol
Had a few nice matches too though, where people weren’t noobs and it was challenging. 2 blaster vs my 1, and played as scout a bit. Scout is better than I remember…26 to 1 isn’t a bad ratio ^^


I’ve met him, he’s nice when veteran players are in the room. Kissing their butt and all.

Ehh, he’s become nicer towards me. Used to trash talk me every single time. Geez.
strong text


Think I gave that kid some traumas from before. Didn’t know he is still around but yes, I do remember ‘dino’ who liked to rage/insult here and there.That’s how our paths crossed at the end. :smiley:


Why is even a Marshal accusing me of hacking? I don’t hack!
So today, I went on EU servers (I usually do US servers) and played with Mar. djodjula in Moon Base…
I beat him 1000 or so versus 29.
Quick replay of game
he starts with commando, i do tank. I tank the first CP to 200-10 or so
he goes with blaster, i do tank for a while then switch to blaster, i kill him a few times and 2nd CP is capped to 400-20 or so
he goes with blazer, i counter with blaster again, i kill him a few times and 3rd CP is capped to around 600-25
He goes back to commando, i do tank and cap 4th CP to aorund 800-25
He finally does shocker, i switch to tank, cap and win to 1000-29ish.

Then he accuses me of hacking.
“I know you’re hacking”
“I don’t hack”
“yes u are”
“why do you think im hacking?”
“I marshal. ur colonel.”
and then this stuff here.


On a happier note, i haven’t had this much fun in a while :slight_smile:

This is live on US servers


Volfy is a pretty good player usually, always a nice challenge.

Lol it’s the age old accusation of hacking…I wonder if it’ll ever go away :stuck_out_tongue:
Sometimes I do wonder though if the PL has been fixed so light classes can’t sit in the rafters anymore and glitch. Hack-wise though, all the old methods are dead, at least I’ve not seen any using them.


I wonder why he chose blazer TBH, against 3 blasters, it’s no obstacle…

I am suprised it came from a marshal though. O_o
About you saying there has been no hacks since WebGL port, yeah. I haven’t seen any “suspicious” and “obvious” hacks since WebGL. Possibly the one good thing about that. :rolling_eyes:


Went head to head with Mar.King(some numbers I don’t recall) in TDM as blasters. He’s a tough cookie. We both killed each other half a dozen times, but when I killed him 2 or 3 more times more than he got me, he seemed to get disappointed and claimed that his ping was at fault. Guess there was about a 100 ping difference. Either way, I wasn’t about to gloat right then…seemed it would be in poor taste.

@Nox Was he still playing tank back then? lol


Mmm, best blasters i’ve personally met are Mar. Ken388 and G1.hecfaleo. Probably many better but i never seem to find them.

Dino gave me an “explanation” of why he used tank and blaster once.
“tank is very op, i’m unpgrading it, but i don’t have enough money, so i’m using blaster for now, until i get more money.”
Seirously, that was what he said. Best excuse ever.


Ken388? That was the one, not king.

Lol…he doesn’t like it when another tank beats him, or anyone for that matter. Always says something about killing someone’s family…before the team comes in and kills him off. :stuck_out_tongue: (dino, not ken lol)

One thing that bothers me about only having 4 members on either team, is the possibility of forfeits. Used to be rare, now you can get 3 to 5 an hr. And in TDM, unless 4 expert members were to be on a team, the number would never reach to 1000 before the timer ends.
And also, this can happen alot more often now >

1000 to 5 in KOTH…
What is nice though is that this just happened >

With all characters unlocked and all of them upgraded to around 3 to 5 lvls in everything, I’d say I’ve reached my personal goal in FFT :slight_smile:


2017, maybe second half of the year. he was Maj/Col.


hey guys… everything is as it is. fps is terrible, 300+ ping in every match
the game should be downloadable for better fps…