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The old freefalltournament has more ads, for respawning time.


fairest game ever

fairest game part 2


O it’s not that unfair. If u want to make it more fair, swap that blasters. On the other hand, both blasters in negative kdr which shows enough.
First match Tank-Blaster-Tech…For real? Like 3 of u going in Third World War.
Matchmaking is not the best and it’s based on ELO. Win/loss. Rank got nothing to do with it. And that Lft is an alt.


Just make them all Techs and it will be fair.


I still play, every few months or so, just to check on it.
What I’ve noticed is bringing the servers from 16 to 8 players does improve play-ability, but people get more easily annoyed and quit quicker than usual now, because when there’s only 4 people on a team, they’re going to get killed many more times than before in a shorter period of time.
The guests can get…annoying. Because they’re almost all total noobs, and sometimes comprise your entire team. And often I’ve seen them just bouncing around in the base shooting at each other, or placing shocker shields inside for the entire match :laughing:
Didn’t it used to be that guests had to join before playing in multiplayer matches? Might be remembering wrong.

I still notice that occasionally, I am randomly booted out of a match without any warning, like instantaneously while killing someone I’ll just be back at the menu half a second later.

What I think would be cool, is if the training arena that you see at the start with all the AI players,
was added as a multiplayer map.


Nah, Guests were always mixed with other players and turret/aegis in base is standard since forever. But it’s less troublesome in team of 8 ppl compared to 4, I guess. The couldn’t enter rooms as Lft+ since it required Lft as rank.

Most likely server reboot.


All techs fair? LOL
Imagine 4 max suppresors on the ceiling of the shuttle bay cap point, with four techs healing and floating around the turrets. Hehe. I’ve never seen that amount of suppresors though without hacks used in a single period of time though.

Which brings me to ask:
Have any of the old pros ever seen 8 maxed suppresors at the same time, while no hacks were used?
That would have been interesting :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, no point in trying out that because panic bomb makes turret attack u instead. Team full of Tech is easy to break - Gunner and Blazer takes turrets and Assassin or legit any other class easily kill Tech.
Thats why when support spam was made, never was team full of Shocker or Tech, but mix of these 2.
Shocker removes fire/poison, stun buys enough time to damage the enemies and Tech repairs aegis + can keep turret under aegis. Otherwise enemy team can sneeze on turret and it’s gone.


I don’t remembering seeing 8 maxed suppressors but I have seen 4 on the CP years ago, it was magical~


All we gotta do is bring back the legendary Tech Kick and it should be GG.


Speaking of support classes, this is my first large amount of kills using a support class : shocker :slight_smile:

If you ask why i’m playing on guest account, it’s because somehow my main account is lagging so much. seems that guest accounts don’t suffer as much.

56 kills, completely with shocker. I know it’s not much to the big guns but im proud


That’s pretty good! better than I usually do. My best ratio for shocker is 25/0 , but I never get the kills much beyond that number lol


Yea, I started pretty good, probably got to 30:0 kdr then I got too cocky. Way tooo cocky. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey ye there Assassins Users!
Wanna know what great about using Assassins?
You have “3D Maneuver Gear”
It’s like one moment you’re here and the next you’re gone!
So fast the “Titans” can’t get you! And i’m talking about the Tanks btw

Lmao i’m just enjoying watching AOT so yea XD
Have a nice day and don’t die like Mike!

Leave a like if this made any sense :3



Hey there!
I just thought of this…
Who would win in a duel between an expert tank and an expert blaster? All skills allowed.




So tank is more OP than blaster? Interesting…


Well if its ‘ronforge’ vs any tank,Blaster will win

If its ‘slimshady’ vs any blaster,Tank will win.


Unbalanced number of team-players XD

1. Blue Team 2 vs 6 Gold Team

2.Blue Team 1 vs 6 Gold Team( Someone give up )

3.Blue Team 0 vs 6 Gold Team…(We won in just a few minutes.GG )