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Yeah you were kinda weird.


after playing this game for 2 months … at first if was fun fun fun, flying and some more fun. then it began to be about get the molah, upgrade your guy and some fun and some frustration (mostly for ping/bad balance, idle guys). Now, lately is almost no fun, mostly imbalance and bad opponents.


is there any change in fft?


If there are changes, they will be published in patch notes topic.


Sup fellas!
I have to ask: is this game dead?
It was a ton of fun, but now, my game crashes after 10 mins of playing, my camera keeps swinging around for no reason and it’s impossible to play.
Any advice?
Btw I hope you guys rememmber me, it’s me, G4.Keshet2002


It’s dead.
I have the same problems you have (mostly).
The best advice is to get a .exe game and leave the browser platform.
Yeah, you’re that guy who played scout.




Let’s just hope the devs make the right choices, FFT could become the next Halo, and Steam is the way to do it (for now).


Yup, I wanna have fun again in this game. And Keep dueling annoying commando players :wink:


The gameplay wasn’t the main reason i played FFT, it got boring most of the time, and it was only good when you played with other experienced players, mostly because of chat, chats in other games are usually cluttered with shit talkers.


Yo! Wb best scout.


Welcome back!

To be honest, got no clue in which state is it game now or how many old players are around, so someone who played recently can tell.


I play late at night almost everyday on US. I mostly play with South Americans and Asians. I meet often minh, leonidas, hendrickson, feremmanuel, return, santiago. If you are lucky, you might stumble on mahendra, blem or majorek. I met CombatWaffles twice in November or December, and met demonio1999 about 2 weeks ago. Arfax stopped playing.

The rooms get jerky when there’s more than 6 or 8 players in. It’s then impossible to snipe, it can even be hard to lock on an enemy with the right mouse button. I think some of my rail shots are not registered. I don’t know if I’m biased or something, but there seems to be a high proportion of commandos and blasters. I can’t blame anyone for playing these as in the current state of the game (where everyone is teleporting), it’s more wise to play them.


I had this face :smirk: and u know why. xD


Yup when I played this is exactly what happened. The enemy team was just walking around shooting the sky. Everyone seemed clueless as to how to play the game. The game was laggy af and people were afk.

@jazzydaddy888 That’s the only players you see? Damn everyone is gone then. Do you still think the game is fun?

@Nox Aren’t you working with the Id.net team or communicating with them? Is there anything you can tell us about the game?


Like I said, I mainly play late at night. With some basic Spanish, I’m able to speak with other players and have fun. Despite the lags and everything, it’s still possible to enjoy a game: I actually said “gg” once last week.

During the day you can meet other people like bluntsoldier, some old, almost unknown players that come back to see what the game is like and that say they’ll never come back, and some G1-G5 farmers who don’t know how to play. I should really play during the afternoon, maybe there are more people than I think.

Tbh, I don’t think you’d enjoy coming back now. Almost every aspect of the game is infuriating.

The game was running smoothly on October or November. I wonder what happened since then.

@Nox :sweat_smile:


When working with WebGL ,we are technology dependent, browser updates can ruin or improve performance, which is something we cant control, browsers are working all together to give better performance but technology changes do not happen in a flash, but it happens in steps.


To be clear, we are waiting for browsers to improve webgl and webassembly performances, with SIMD Tech. coming up next, but due to no ETA , we might plan to find another way around.

==> Instead of waiting for browser updates, we have fasten up the discussion to make FFT- a PC game(steam) and a Mobile game, We did started some demo tests work on this, but due to our 3d modeler personal problems, we couldn’t go ahead, but we could get started anyway, still discussing within team.


@Rja12 Was actually off entire December due to health issues, nor I worked on FFT not sure for how long but pretty much since last patch notes. I’m here now more like to explain something for forum users if they feel confused, ppl still can report if they think there is some issue (with other players or game) but I’m 100% of time on other projects (unless maybe some change as fix or update happenes to FFT).


I agree with the statements above.
I’m a relatively new player, play in the afternoon (Pacific Time), and I will almost always meet the same players. The others are guests. I have seen exactly one marshal, Ken388, but I haven’t seen him since. And that’s considering that I play 2-3 hours per day.

For me, it’s not the lag that’s really bothering me, but the lack of updates.
For instance, the medals system has been grayed out for years. it would be really nice to have that.

But for now, I enjoy the game. It’s fun for now. I’ll probably get all the heroes in a few months, and idk what ill do then.

Just my 2 cents.