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I have ‘Ping Lag’ everywhere.Be it ASIA or EU. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s ID.nets crew take on the whole net neutrality mess going on, and what does it mean for the future of FFT?


We are independent and its not going to effect/change anything in regard of FFT or any other Id.net game but you must check with your ISP because they have the bigger role to play.

and we are in support that all internet traffic/data should be treated equally.


That’s good to hear. Now, what about the suggestion to get FFT on Steam, are you considering the idea or has it been dismissed?


FFT on Steam might come. we haven’t dismissed any idea.



hmmmm. long time


atleast make a seperate server for guests. its like impossible to play with them they are too pro




Happy holidays everyone! :santa: :snowflake:


Happy holiday!


Hello. Just wanted to know, is there a chance of getting Sto Gunner Armor in cookie jar?


yep, there is


Yeah all Gunner skins are in it.


Does the game not work on chrome? Every time I try to play I get stuck on the “Running, please wait…”


Works for me.


Are you trying on Mac OSX ?


I remember how unbalanced I thought the game was, but then I realized it really isn’t that bad.

I also remember how stupid I was in the kong forums lol


Yeah, I am.[quote=“huffyboy, post:1565, topic:2753”]
I also remember how stupid I was in the kong forums lol

You’re still stupid :^)


@Belisaurius11Could you try Hide Online in Chrome , on your MacOSX, does it load fine for you ?