💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫


me too:thư giãn:


playin for some time (shuttle bay asia) pls join fast


When is the medals option going to be avaliable :confused:


It says soon, so… Soon.


if you have nothing much to play and wanna party up and play together WITH THE ALMIGHTY SOULFLARE.

~ Play Elsword.
~ Free To Play.
~ Can team up with players ( same or higher level than you) just after the tutorial.
~ Friend system, Married Couple system, ~ Mentor-Pupil system.
~ PvP & PvE, Lots of game time to grind on, 12+ dungeons to clear.
~ Secret dungeons available upon hitting level 70. SD’s give better drops ( gear )
~ Level Cap - 99, I’m 84 .-. grinding to 99 :>
~ El Resonance beyond level 99 gives you additional stat upgrades.
~ Transcendence quest at level 70, makes you even stronger.
~ There are currently 13 classes, each classes has 3 job applications.
~ First job change - Lvl.15 , Second Job change - Lvl 35.
~ Heroic dungeons ( Lvl 80-99 ) & Secret Dungeons ( Lvl 70-99) for better gear.
~ PM me if you want to know anything else about the game.

My details ~
Username - YuukiiYuuna,
Class - Rose ( Job Change - Optimus )
Level - 84

Happy gaming!



That’s a lot of levels for MMO tho. How much time player gotta invest to rech max lvl?


Less than a month if you play until your stamina runs out, which approximately 3-4 hours depending on what type of dungeons you run.

Its been a nearly a month for me and I’m 84 now.

If you’re running with a party of 2 players, the second player atleast at level 70+. Till Lanox dungeon, which is like the 12th dungeon level it’s pretty much cake walk for the level 70+.


Because of bonus that level provides or gear?

I do know that in some MMOs u can’t gain any xp if person in party with u is 5-10 levels higher…which really sucks, especially in dungeons xD
Maybe would give it a try, but I’m stuck with b&s now, making some huge progress and got 5 characters to lvl up x.x
Prolly only for one gonna take several months/half year to get end game gear and HM levels (extra levels with def/attack bonuses that u gain after hitting lvl 50), so that will take a while xD


Yeah besides getting about 200k xp from dungeon at levels 40+, you get additional xp from clearing the quest that tells you to do the specific dungeon.

If you want to grind levels the best thing to do is just keep doing main story quest.
The quest will tell you to do the dungeon you need to do and will award bonus xp for completing it.
Once you hit level 70+ (Sander Dungeons) you get about 400k xp from the dungeon and 800-900k xp for clearing the quest.


Uhh okay.


aye Tera had some insane xp in numbers…but about 65 lvls was max if i remember. What we did was taking one person with max level to clean dungeon and claim as reward xp. But drops or xp in dungeon 0 xD
The problem there is how in Tera there was no freaking way to find 3 more ppl for dungeon (unless end-game ones or huge raids) and u can’t solo it because enemies deal higher damage than u plus to get a better gear, u need to clean it xD
So it was a bit messed up and probably the main reason why I quit it. I also don’t like stores where one decent outfit for only 1 character gonna cost me 100$ +

And main quest yeah, thats what I am doing it now in b&s, if i picked all side quests, would be 2x longer (and I need xp to unlock some dungeons).
Still curious to try PvP in MMO. Fun to watch but idk how much is it fun to play.


Thankfully elsword is pretty much very-very free to play.
You can either buy your way and get all the best gear or you can keep playing and playing and doing SD’s, Heroic dungs, farming ED ( the game coins ) so you can buy gear which you can’t get without paying actual money that other players put up in the universal shop.

There’s a Queueing system where you can get in a random party with players around your level range. Although, its not very often that levels 20-40’s know what queueing is so you don’t really get teamed up that much instead you get the buff that queueing gives you which is increasing all your stats and also decreasing the amount of stamina you lose per dungeon, the lesser the number of people, the stronger the buff gets.
I’m online usually at 12 AM - 4:30 AM, that is 5 hours from now. Right now its 7:01 PM for me.
I’m on if I don’t sleep off, lol. So, you can jsut invite me to your party to help you. Only thing is I won’t get any xp at all until you reach Velder/Hamel + dungeons.

Its fun if you keep winning, at my level it gets pretty hard as there are other players that you match up with that have better gear than you do and may even be paid users which gives you a disadvantage unless you’re really good at PvP.


:pensive: k


Its not lmao.


k :smiley:


That was for Tera tho, didn’t try out the game u play.

And outfit what I meant is pure cosmetic which usually MMO is really expensive with, not gear equipement.

I do like interesting stories as well, sadly hard to find MMO that has a nice story+not expensive market+nice customazation and decent graphics without insane requirements.


I wanted to try Hide again? Has it ever been updated?


i still want my shotgun back on my gunner… good ol shotty…


Yeah its updated long back with a new map,guns,poses etc…Its cool and less laggy .You can try it


Laggy? O.o
Never had lag in Hide.