💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫


do u guys still play fft?




Servers reboot damn!


Excuse me but, +69.


playin for some time now shuttle bay asia


Omg.Long time no see :smiley:


Gotta love customazation of characters in some MMO games.


So, how many times you got banned there


Just because my team can’t kill anything, doesn’t mean I should be left in 5v1 because I have the highest score and I’m losing.

Just to be clear, teams would still be reshuffled each round like normal, so the balance would never be off, as for the scoring problem, that’s the main issue I see because FFT doesn’t have a good scoring system right now, I mentioned that in the other post:

The only problem I see is that right now there is no real score system and if we rank the players purely by kills, people wouldn’t want to play support classes. Ideally there would be a score system that takes into account kills, game objectives, amount healed, damage absorbed (with shield) ect.

To get around that difficult scoring question, it could be implemented so that only players of the losing team get kicked, this would at least somewhat ecourage players picking a winning strategy, instead of just going for kills.

Of course teams would still be shuffled after each round to avoid some players getting to stay on the server purely by having a few very good team members.

I think if you just kick players from the losing team, there would still be an incentive to play support classes but I do agree, as long as we don’t have proper scoring, that would be an issue.


Teams are based on ELO - system that counts ur wins/loss. Score or deathmatch does exist in Training Arena and based on how many kills one team has, it will win the one with higher kills.

And this game doesn’t have a que system to click on ‘search match’ and puts u into a random one. No one will really sit in menu and click on refresh 100 times to enter the room which is currently full. Again, ppl can leave or go AFK randomly.

If match has a timer and following ur suggestion: from losing team AND lowest kills, means that one team will have huge adventage in number of players and other team no matter how good players are, gonna lose, since no one can’t win in a bit more serious match 2v6 or 1v5.

If u mean there should be some way of ranked/cometitive system, that would be nice but FFT doesn’t have a massive player base. So lets say im placed in silver in and u are in platinum rank. Lower rank - more chance to find ppl to play with/against. High ranks wouldn’t be able to find anyone. IF FFT has a massive player base who is willing to play competitive, then it would make a drastic difference.


Yee, how you been?


I doubt I can run that on my lap, do you play Elsword by any chance?

P.S - Does anyone play Elsword?


@SoulFlare +69 to what?

@Mahmmouda Banned from where Leauge? I got banned once. I’m actually banned right now for 2 weeks, I get unbanned tommorow. Someone was provoking me and when I responded and said a certain word that triggered Riot’s system they banned me. The commnuity is very toxic, so it’s hard to ignore people.


I think u can, system requrements are not insane at all.

Here are the Blade & Soul system requirements (minimum)

CPU: Info
CPU SPEED: Intel Dual Core / AMD Athlon 64X2
OS: Windows 7
VIDEO CARD: nVidia Geforce 8600GT / AMD Radeon HD4600

Blade & Soul Recommended Requirements

CPU: Intel Quad Core / AMD Phenom II X4
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
VIDEO CARD: nVidia Geforce 8800GT / AMD Radeon HD4850

With note that lastest verion takes over 35 GB of disk space. (not 22)



My graphic card is a Intel HD Graphics 5500.


To what you typed.


Yeah lol, it’s the truth.


Idk why are you playing if the community is that toxic, I’d be gone by now


It’s extremely fun.


There are other MOBAs who are less toxic than LoL.