Discord Released

After releasing my discord, no one viewed my recent announcement on the forum so I’m gonna re-announce it.

Good afternoon Y8 users. My discord is finally released and it’s still working progress. But I did setup bots, channels and roles.
You have to verify before accessing the channels. Reason is b/c my discord is safe and stable I don’t want people to hack or steal my discord and it’s gonna take days to get people back. But that’s all I could do to keep it safe because my discord is based on Y8 and make it as a community. Still the discord is work in progress (WIP) and yes people gonna be like, “WHY WOULD YOU RELEASE IT IF YOUR STILL WORKING ON IT?!”
Well that’s the point, making the server to organized doesn’t matter as long as the server is well-made. I don’t wanna take to long making it depending on school, but this has been 2 days since saying this.

That’s all I have to say. I’m planning on making a game review though…a long one.

So yeah here it is.

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