Crime City 3D - Free WebGL FPS Game



Developer of this game is continuously adding more missions,and working on second version of this game too(Crime City 2).We will keep you updated.

Thank you for your interest in this game,i hope you enjoyed playing games at
Good Luck.


a second version could work


I think everyone here wants more missions or a version 2 and i am very glad y8 is making more but is it possible to be a little quicker?


THIS GAME IS AWSOME please make a crime city 2 its awesome best game ever love it!!!
keep up the great work


this is a eazy game to me :basketball:


i have manymany many and new tank or cars


the mission 12 not finished


jeah game so coolstrong text


this game is realy good,do you guys agree?


this game is awesome i want part 2 of this game!


haha lol vitttuuuuuuuu


i need more misions right now


I or We Need Way more then 50 Missions for this EPIC GAME please think about us famous Gamer’s that Play your games.Probably Like 940 is what I need but it’s your choice and please Make Your Bosses A lot Harder.And We also need more weapons and Cars.


this game is awesome but can we please get more missions and maybe new guns or helicopters or new cars


tell everyone to vote for new version!!!


are you a girl or boy


good game lol!!!


make this game multiplayer with many guns this will become the best browser game if u do it plzzzz:slight_smile:


леомодклмш елпоаредмфлеое млклмоеипт д лкоосгкрч вокепв:joy:


we need more missions or a new game