block this master I find myself and my country



Hmm @Gusmawix , I see

And btw @kostas8686 Use /mute playername , to mute a player in game. Also use this thread to report players Report Players!


He started insulting me for no reason then left room anyway he started first,thats why i started insulting him every time met him.
I think there r many players know G1.kostas is a totally loser and bully.(e.g:HE LIKES SAYING:AHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH NOOBER.)
Its funny that bully reported me on the forum(FFT),now hes pretending like an innocent person.
:slight_smile: ofc I’m Master of insulting people like you kostas(1 of bullies)


All you see is continuing and telling me to evaluate it and not deal with it


@kostas8686 there is GOOGLE TRANSLATE,use it for all ur benefits.
greek noob
learn english from it!!!
sometimes just let others know wat u want to say,most of ur dialogues r meaningless.
otherwise,speak greek its okkkkkkk!!!we got GOOGLE UNCLE
greek noob


Those of you don’t know what “noob” means, “noob” means a slang for players who are beginner in any video games.

Instead of using “noob”, he should’ve used the word “learner” whenever he wants to taunt the players in nice way.


I edited ur post, next time I’ll simple delete it.
Also, wassup with those insults based on nationality?


join a room some day n imma show what real bullying is kid


14 yo insulting nationality
Im sure he rekt u real bad


Bullying is just going to make it worse