🍍 Big Tower vs Tiny Square series

:speaking_head: Hello, dear players!

Let me tell you about the Big Tower vs Tiny Square game series, a series created by indie developer Evil Objective.

These games are minimalist in appearance, with simple controls and story, but are anything but easy to complete!

So, without further ado, let’s get started!



Big Tower Tiny Square is the very first instalment of this critically acclaimed series.



Your best friend Pineapple has been stolen by the evil Big Square :red_square: and taken to the top of a deathtrap-filled Big Tower. Climb the Big Tower, Tiny Square, and rescue Pineapple! :pineapple:

You will have to dodge bullets, leap lava pits, and wall-jump your way up the Big Tower in this tough-but-fair platformer.
Don’t ask why. Just keep jumping and dying (repeatedly) until you make it. Then breathe a sigh of relief. :relieved:

The further up the tower you get, the more challenging it is. You’ll have to be more precise with your Tiny Square, as there will be more obstacles.


Anyone can do that, right? Sure, the controls are easy, and the obstacles are fair. The game is also generous with respawn, so you’ll never stray too far from the point you died. :skull:

But do you have the skill necessary to make it to the top? :top:


⬇ Play the game here ⬇




The second part of the order is none other than Big ICE Tower Tiny Square.


This pixel platformer set in a giant maze-like ice :ice_cube: tower with a super wide view and Christmas flavour!
After the events of Big Tower Tiny Square, the evil Big Square has escaped to his giant ice tower to escape Tiny Square’s revenge!


Dodge bullets, jump over freezing water, and wall jump to the top and reach the devilish Big Square, in this challenging but fair sequel to Big Tower Tiny Square.
Accuracy is, again, the key to success!
No sprinting, no double jumping, and no floating controls! Just fast kills and generous spawn points.

Like its predecessor, Big ICE Tower Tiny Square is heavily inspired by single-screen arcade games. The game is one giant level divided into large single-screen sections. Each obstacle has been meticulously designed. It will take precision and skill to navigate the maze-like tower.

Happy Squaremas, little squares!


⬇ Play the game here ⬇



Third game of the series, Big Neon Tower vs Tiny Square will send you directly to the 90s arcades!

Again, you play as Tiny square, who wishes to climb a large neon tower in order to rescue your best friend Pineapple :pineapple: from Big Square and to GET REVENGE!

This tower looks like a huge maze with many obstacles. Every obstacle has been meticulously placed, and every section is devilishly designed. Your goal is to move forward without getting caught in a trap by acting with patience and precision.
Of course, the higher you climb, the harder the challenges will become.
Despite the difficulty, checkpoints will allow you not to start over from the beginning of the game.

The game has a cool NEON visual and a nice synthwave / vaporwave musical theme.

Good luck!


⬇ Play the game here ⬇


Gameplay Video :arrow_heading_down:




Fourth game, Big Flappy Tower vs Tiny Square!


Big FLAPPY Tower Tiny Square is an arcade platformer where you play, once again, as a tiny green square on a mission. Reach the top of the tower and rescue Pineapple, your juicy fruit in distress :pineapple: . Flap your way through the puzzles and climb the tower!

What’s the Story?
Big Square and Pineapple were squashed in the Big Neon Tower. Mysteriously, Big Square has managed to clone himself and Pineapple.

Climb the Big Flappy Tower, Tiny Square. Rescue Pineapple! Get revenge!

The Game itself
Same Tiny Square but new mechanics.
You’re a Tiny Square climbing a Big FLAPPY Tower. What does that mean? Your Tiny Square now has the ability to hop three times in the air! This new mechanic changes the layout of the maps and presents new challenges that make you think about your jumps more.

Big Tower with a natural theme
Staying true to the Big Tower theme, the level is one giant tower filled with deadly surprises. As you progress through the game, the threats accumulate, requiring more precision and concentration to overcome. Big FLAPPY Tower Tiny Square comes with an almost peaceful and relaxed aesthetic :bird:compared to the other games, but don’t get too comfy! This game is just as deadly :skull: as its predecessors.


⬇ Play the game here ⬇


Gameplay Video :arrow_heading_down:



These games are well-designed for doing speedruns! Feel free to share some endgame screenshots with your high scores!





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