App developers wanted


Hi there! Sorry if it turns out to be offtopic. The thing is that I’m about to start a new project and I need a team, but I have no idea and experience in hiring developers. Are there any common rules? I would be glad to read about your experience or get some good articles. Thank you!


hmm i waana be a app developer what should i have to do?


look into AngularJS

I would also recommend using either Sublime Text 3 or Visual Studio Code


start it out by yourself without a team to gain the skills first
I would recommend using this code hosting platform since teams/organizations would want to look at what you have to offer

but also read what I replied to @Force_The_Foodie


i have to download it ? that applications


Yes, you will have to download them

Pretty much all the great development tools have to be downloaded


I mean like, it would be harder to make something that you want to make in a browser ide like

Because most of the apps like mobile apps, desktop apps, etc aren’t made on the web. They are made using software that you have to download.


sorry i can’t then my pc does not works any downloaded file ;-; i wish i could help u ;-;-;-;-;


makes sense


if you ever feel like doing this. I would suggest to take a break from gaming and figure out how to earn money so you can build a new computer or buy one (building is recommended)

Also I have been using these tools. Just look through them if you want.


hey if u dont mind i send u friend req in y8 acc can u plisss accept it ( ͡◉ ͜ ͡◉)


Its fine


me i can to be a graphic developer.


ATM not finding a graphics designer but what are your skills
Pixel art
2d/3d Animating
3d modeling