2020 talk come here

2020 is freaking near but fft still not update what the hell guys high ranked people in y8 keep saying it will be updated soon,it’s coming damn so good at lies
don’t say it
do it guys.

“A delayed update is the best update…a rushed update is the worst update”

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sometimes a rush update will help to save ur game anyway i don’t find y8 care about their games ithink it’s y8 destroy ur game no doubt for that.

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so if the game came out as a buggy mess. Is that going to save the game or make the player base go downhill?

I have already seen games like Fallout 76 do this. Rusing to release a game or an update won’t save the game.

Freefall Tournament is not a AAA game. It never has been even when free range games were the original developers.

so what 3 years is not enough for a good update some games update just one year less
Well they should make topic and tell us about some freaking update.

well there are no developers so most likely there won’t be a planned update anytime soon

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lemme ask whats the difference with free to play and buy to play …which one is better?

Free to play on the browser is slow, has ads, etc
Buy to play on steam (only 5 bucks but steam is free) has faster server loading times. Better frames per second. Less likely to lag all of the time, no ads, no control imput lag, smooth gameplay

thank you bro

not all buy game are no better ping dude after all it depends on your internet connection.

I wasn’t trying to say that. You only get better ping because fft server side network is running on steam. The browser version just uses y8 server side network.

the problem is that i get this message Crash_2019-12-03_202512/crash.dmp

Crash_2019-12-03_202512/crash.dmp this is the thing not allowing me to play

how do i solve this issue

what I sent was a link so you can report it there

i report all the bugs and bad behaviour but nobody do anything

ty for doing something

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